The Andrews’s Kitchen

Recipes made with love, specifically, for our fallowers

Chicken Tortilla Soup

A traditional Mexican soup made of fried corn tortilla pieces, submerged into a broth of tomato, garlic, onion, and ‘chicken’, our special; Oh! and, all the Andrews’s favourite secret spices.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Perfectly eaten as an Italian dinner or with marinara sauce with your family, this bread is far beyond prime, choice and select. Topped with mostly garlic, butter and olive oil, it is best broiled and baked in our fancy Andrews’s bread oven. There is no limit to which this bread can’t serve as a side dish.

Swedish Meatballs (Svenska Köttbullar)

Ground meat rolled into a small ball with egg, onion, butter and cream smothered in a creamy gravy sauce, these Meatballs are as quintessentially Swedish as it gets.

Nothing beats our Andrews’s homemade Svenska Köttbullar!

French Onion Dip

Dating back to the 1950’s in Los Angeles, this claggy dip made of sour cream and French instant onion soup mix is the cheesiest, creamiest and silkiest food of all time, fully loaded and packed with creamy goodness.

A single enthralling bite is all you need and you’ll be dotty about it!

Apple Strudel

Handwritten and housed at the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus, this traditional Viennese Strudel Recipe is the easiest to make yielding a classical, flaky and buttery crust with its juicily spiced apple filling studded with raisins and finely chopped almonds; just the perfect dessert to whet your appetite, or better, for a simple yet special occasion and season!


Iyán àti èfó rírò — Pounded Yam and Spinach Stew

Boiled and pounded yam served with assorted spinach stew, filled with meat and fish


Coq au Vin d’Alsace — Chicken in Alsace Wine

Chicken cooked and braised in Riesling with onions, mushrooms and herbs


This is amazing! I never expected this!

— Unknown

I’m crediting your skills!

— Unknown

UKAF has finally decided to make recipes in remembrance of us as our favourite drama, ‘Stuck In Between’ ends this Autumn 😊


— Much love from us all at The Andrews’s Kitchen, and the extras…

Hallie and Kyla out! 😉

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