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Lone Sui Generis Honeypot

Kao Mai Lanna Resort, the highly ranked hotel in Thailand for its wonderful gardens and historical background


The Folly-Turned-Triumph

Louvre Pyramid, the Glass pyramid serving as the main entranceway to the world’s largest art museum located in the city of Paris



The Scientific and Cultural Leisure Complex

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Spain’s most recognisable symbol; one of the largest of its kind and most treasured museum in Europe


The Centre for Thriving Wild Spaces

Going behind the scenes at wild encounters and connecting humanity to fight wildlife extinction; only at the Toronto Zoo


The Miniature Avifauna

A native avifauna of Cuba, the very name evokes a certain mystique; the Zunzuncito adult weighing about 1.6 grammes is the world’s minuscule ave species



Iyán àti èfó rírò — Pounded Yam and Spinach Stew

Boiled and pounded yam served with assorted spinach stew, filled with meat and fish


Coq au Vin d’Alsace — Chicken in Alsace Wine

Chicken cooked and braised in Riesling with onions, mushrooms and herbs


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